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Trey Parker
Picture of Trey Parker Picture of Trey Parker

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Picture of Trey Parker

Picture of Trey Parker

Born:19 October 1969Conifer, Colorado, USA
Known As:Eric Cartman, Officer Barbrady, othersTV's "South Park"
Trivia: Son of Randy Parker.
Is 6' 1" tall.
He and David Goodman made an album entitled "Immature: A Collection of
Love Ballads for the 80's, Man."
He and Matt Stone formed a band back in 1997 called D.V.D.A.
The members: Trey Parker (lead singer/keyboardist),
Matt Stone (vocals, bass, drums), Nels Dubman
(drums) and Bruce Howell (guitar).
(2000) Nominated for an Oscar: Best Music, Song for "South Park: Bigger,
Longer and Uncut
" (1999) - For the song "Blame Canada."
Nomination shared with Marc Shaiman.
(January 2006) Married Emma Sugiyama.
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